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    1. Drive More Traffic and Bookings with Sponsored Placements

      Right now, travelers are searching for places to stay in your area. Influence them to choose your property — and book directly.

      Drive highly qualified travelers to your property:


      460 million

      Unique monthly visitors to Tripadvisor**

      *Jumpshot for Tripadvisor Sites, worldwide, June 2019
      **Tripadvisor internal log files, average monthly unique visitors, Q3 2019



      Of hoteliers rated Tripadvisor as an effective tool to drive direct bookings

      SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Business Index 2018



      Of travelers who book direct on a hotel site visit Tripadvisor

      comScore ‘Path to Purchase Study,’ 2017

      Get premium exposure

      Increase your property's visibility by appearing:

      • Above search results
      • On local competitors’ listings
      • On other high-profile shopping pages across Tripadvisor

      Plus you only pay for clicks: Impressions are free!

      Drive direct bookings and improve profitability

      Your Sponsored Placements ads:

      • Use predictive analytics to automatically target booking-ready travelers
      • Highlight your direct rates exclusively within your ad
      • Help you avoid third party commission costs

      Easy to manage and measure

      Sponsored Placements is designed to help busy hoteliers:

      • Pick from three budget options — or set your own
      • Use scheduling features to run ads for dates when you need help filling rooms
      • View comprehensive campaign performance metrics at any time

      Learn more about Sponsored Placements



      Here’s what our customers are saying:

      "Sponsored Placements helped fill our rooms and increased occupancy… We've received a 20% boost in booking referrals."

      Shambhavi Singh
      Royal Heritage Haveli

      “The tool is fantastic, is really easy to use, and the cost is minimal relative to the return on investment we’re seeing.”

      Gianfranco Acampora
      Owner and General Manager
      Grand Hotel Aminta

      "Repetition is important... Even if they don’t click our ad right now, more people will remember us as an option so when they click later, they’re more likely to book."

      Katarina Elez
      General Manager
      Berkeley Hotel & Spa

      Discover what Sponsored Placements can do for your property

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